Safety - Textbook and Cafeteria



  1. There will be no parking or standing on the school side of Pershing Boulevard while school is in session. Observe the signs.
  2. There is no dropping off or picking up of children in the school parking lot at any time after 8:10am. After 8:10am students should be dropped off at the Library entrance (Pershing Blvd.) even if they are attending extra help.
  3. There will be no cars permitted to enter the parking lot via Pershing Blvd. after 8:00am.
  4. No students (except those attending Before School, extra help or morning clubs) should be dropped off before 8:10am. 
  5. Only parents doing Safety are permitted to enter through the Library entrance.  All other parents must walk to the main entrance to get into the building.
  6. Children should be dropped off on the school side of Pershing Blvd. by the Library entrance.  Students should exit cars only on the school side of the street.  Please do not allow your child to exit into the street.
  7. All students enter the building through the Library entrance, door ”C”.  K-4 students assemble in the cafeteria.  Students in Grades 5-8 assemble in Msgr. Lawlor Hall.
  8. At all times parents and students should cross by the crossing guard. Use the Merrick Road parking lot.
  9. At dismissal all parents are to meet their children on Merrick Road by the gym doors. 
  10.  During the course of the school day, the school parking lot serves as an outside recess area as well as an alternate gym area.  It is important that the yard be kept clear of cars during the day.
  11. There is no parking on the blacktop by the gym (except for Faculty) during the school day or dismissal.


Our safety committee is present to ensure that our children are protected and adhere to the guidelines.


Care of Textbooks and Belongings


  1. All textbooks must be covered. Use of adhesive directly on the textbook is forbidden.
  2. Students should be aware that textbooks are the property of BOCES and each student is responsible for their proper care. The student’s name, grade and textbook number must appear in each textbook. At the start of the school year, students sign a contract indicating the number of textbooks they have received. If a book is lost or destroyed, the student must pay for it. Report cards will be held if payment is not received.
  3. The use of a backpack is required.  Wheel backpacks are not permitted, this includes suitcase style ones.
  4. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property



Cafeteria Regulations


1. Students cannot have canned or bottled soda at any time.


3. Students lunches may be brought to school from home or purchase in the   Cafeteria.                 

4. NO lunches may be brought in from any fast food establishment.