Homework and Birthday Policies

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned in order to reinforce school work and develop study skills and responsibility. Students should spend the following minimum amount of time on homework:


Kindergarten                  10 min. per day          

Grade 1                        15 min. per day

Grade 2                        20 - 30 min. per day   

Grade 3                         30- 45 min. per day

Grades 4 - 5                   45 - 60 min. per day

Grades 6- 8                    1-2 hours per day


Study must be a daily component of homework.  In addition to daily written & study assignments, reading is a critical aspect of each student’s academic growth.  It is the student’s responsibility to copy homework assignments daily in their planners.


Birthday Policy

Grades 6-8

Students may bring in balloons for one another.  Only one balloon may be carried from class to class.  All other balloons will remain in their homeroom.

Grades 4-5

Birthdays may be celebrated with a small snack in the classroom.  Snacks may include munchkins, cupcakes and/ or cookies.  Pizza is not an option.  No goodies bags.

Grades Pre-K - -3

Birthdays may be celebrated with a class party.  Teachers   will provide the class with a list of appropriate snacks that can be brought to school.  No goodie bags

Students in all grades will not be allowed to go from class to class giving out their birthday snacks.