Safety in our Building

 Any person who enters the school building for any reason will be required to check in at the office and will receive a pass.

Persons authorized to take immediate action
  • Principal
  • Pastor

Persons to be notified

  • Police: 911
  • Pastor: Msgr. Steven Camp 
  • Diocesan Superintendent
  • Religious Education Office
  • Custodians
  • Home and School Office


  • During a Lock Down no one is permitted in or out of the building. This includes anyone who may have a key to the building.
  • If an unauthorized person has entered the building, or if it is deemed necessary to Lock down the building an announcement will be made calmly using the PA system.
  • Teachers are then to lock doors, close windows and pull down the shades as well.
  • Cover window in door.
  • Students and teachers are to remain in the classroom they are in at that time. When closing or locking your doors if you see any student in the hallway bring them into your classroom.
  • Students should be moved away from windows and doors.
  • Students who are in the Nurses Office and/or Main Office will remain in that area and classroom teacher will be notified.
  • No one should remain in Msgr. Lawlor Hall, go to the hallway.
  • Attendance is to be taken and reported, using your walkie-talkie, to the Main Office. If any student from another class is in your classroom, please report that as well.
  • Students who are in the Library should be brought to the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.
  • Principal, Administrative Assistant, DRE,  and custodians will check all doors and hallways.
  • Secretary will remain in the Office to answer phones and relay any messages that may be necessary.
  • Any parents who are in the building must also remain there.
  • Information regarding the Lock down will be posted on the school web site and updated regularly through School Reach to keep parents informed.


Lockout is a procedure, which allows the school to continue with the normal school day, but curtails outside activity, and allows no unauthorized personnel into the building. This procedure is most commonly used when the threat is general or the incident is occurring outside the school building, on or off school property.

Steps to implement Lockout after a possible threat has been identified:

  • Notify: Rectory: Msgr. Steve
  • Religious Education
  • Custodians
  • Home and School Office
  • Diocesan Superintendent
  • Announce Lockout has been implemented.
  • Have students who are outside the building return to the building immediately.
  • Principal, Administrative Assistant, DRE, custodians check and secure all exterior entrance doors.
  • Monitor main entrance and REO entrance and allow only AUTHORIZED personnel into the building.
  • Information will be posted on the web site or through School Reach and updated regularly to keep parents informed.
  • If deemed necessary and/or in accordance with district decisions regarding bus transportation, the phone alert system will be initiated to inform parents of any changes.
  • If bus transportation is not available students will remain in school until picked up by a parent or an authorized adult designated by the parent.


Person authorized to take immediate action

  • Principal
  • Pastor

Persons to be notified

  • Rectory: Msgr. Steve
  • Diocesan Superintendent
  • Religious Education
  • Home and School Office
  • Baldwin Superintendent
  • Custodians

Actions to be taken

  • Announcement will be made to evacuate the building and proceed to Safe Site.
  • Assigned teachers and staff members will make certain that no student is in building.