Frequently Asked Questions

St. Christopher School

Early Childhood Programs, Full Day Kindergarten and Grades 1-8



  1. What types of Early Childhood Programs do you offer?


    We offer both full and half day programs.  Our program includes a safe, child-centered Catholic environment, a Religion program, Reading and Math   readiness, hands on activities, play time, and rest time.  The students also have Gym, Library, Computer and Music classes.  We also offer Before and After School Programs.



  2.  Do you have a website?  What information can be found on it?


    Yes – our website is  On it you can find many announcements of upcoming events, the school calendar, all rules and regulations, contact information, class pages and much more.



  3. What functions does the school sponsor?


    The school has numerous functions throughout the year.  All of them can be found on the school calendar and notices are posted on the website.  Flyers are also sent home as the events occur.  We have a Back to School Block Party, Family Day at Adventure Land, Halloween Party, various boutiques, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Game Night, and School Dances for 7/8th grades just to name a few.



  4. Do you have a lunch program?


    Yes, we do supply hot/cold lunches for those who wish to purchase them for all grades other than Kindergarten.  A menu with pricing is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Some items on the menu include chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, bagels, peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish, and hot dogs, as well as snacks, milk and juice.  We do require that Full Day Pre-Kindergarten students and Kindergartners bring their own lunch.



  5. Do I still have to register with my district?


    Yes, how often depends upon your district.  Please contact your district for specifics.



  6. Do you have extracurricular activities?


    St. Christopher’s offers a variety of extracurricular activities.  Daisies, Brownies Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Boys Scouts are available for children from Kindergarten and up.  Sports activities include Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Volleyball teams which compete against other local Catholic Schools.  We also have Cheerleaders for girls in Grades 6-8. The many clubs meet the interests of all students.  There are Student Council, Science Club, The Almaniac Club, Drama Club, and Board Games Club.  Visit our website for information on these.  In addition we have a Talent Show once a year.



  7. Do you have a computer lab, science lab, music room and art room?


    St. Christopher’s has all of the above.  Our Computer room is equipped with 15 desk top computers for student use as well as an interactive SmartBoard.  In addition every classroom has computers with Internet access.  Our All Classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards. All grades from Kindergarten on up have a weekly Computer class.  Our building is completely Wi-Fi.  There are i-pads available for students and teachers for instructional use.  Students in Grade 6 -8 have Chromebooks.

    We have a well-equipped Science Lab located in the Junior High building.  

    The Art and Music teachers also have their own classrooms.  Students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 receive Music instruction once a week and Grades K through 7 have Art once a week.



  8. Do you offer Band?


    Band instruction begins in Grade 3.  Those students who wish may join the Band and receive weekly lessons.  There is a Beginners Band as well as an Experienced Band.  The Bands have two concerts a year.  There is also a program for students who wish to play the violin.  This program begins in Grade 1.

    In addition there a Bell Choir that meets one morning a week and plays at two concerts a year along with our Choristers.



  9. Do you offer a foreign language?

    Instruction in Spanish begins in Grade 4.  Our 6th grade is introduced to the culture and language of Germany, Italy and Spain.     Students in Grades 7 & 8 receive instruction in Spanish and most are ready to take Spanish 2 in High School.   



  10. Do you have an After School Program and a Before School Program?


    Our After School Program runs daily from 3 PM to 6 PM.  It is supervised by teachers and staff members.  Included in the program are snack, homework and play times.  Further information can be found on our website.

    Our Before School Program for Grades Kindergarten - Grade 8 begins at 7:15 am and runs until 8:15 when the children line up with their classes.

    The Before School Program begins at 8:30 for Pre-Kindergarten students.  Beginning September 2016 Pre-Kindergarten Before School will begin at 8:10 am.



  11. Do you have an Extra Help program?


    We offer Academic Intervention Services for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Help is provided to those students recommended by their teachers. 

     In addition our students in Grades 6-8 receive instruction in Math and ELA in small groups.  We aim to give each student the type of instruction they need to be successful.



  12. Do you have nuns and priests teaching/assisting in the school?


Sisters of St. Joseph work in the parish. S. Marilyn is our librarian.  Our pastor, once a week, instructs our Sacrament classes in Grades 2 and 7.  Grades 4, 5, 6, and 8 also receive Religion instruction weekly from a parish priest. 


Students at St. Christopher’s receive sacramental preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.  Opportunities are provided throughout the year for the reception of Reconciliation.  



14.   Do you provide transportation?


     Transportation is provided by your school district for Kindergarten through

Grade 8.  Please contact your school district for specifics.


15. Are you an accredited school? 

      St. Christopher School is accredited by the Middle States Association.  This means that the school has met the standards set forth by the Association and is deemed a quality school.