Walk for Water

H2O for Life Walk for Water is a fundraising and awareness-raising concept where students, family members and community members walk 5 kilometers, (approximately 3 miles), carry 6 liters, (a little more than 1 1/2 gallons), of water in a backpack.  This is the AVERAGE distance that women and girls in developing countries must walk every day, typically carrying 20 liters of water.  We are raising money for the Ecole Mixte Action Fraternelle in Haiti.  The money raised will help H2O for Life bring water, sanitation, and hygiene education to our partner school. Our school is hoping to raise $4450.00 for our partner school.  Receipts can be given for tax deductions.  T-shirts are on sale for $10.00.  The money and order form is due on Friday, April 15th.  Students are to return the signed permission slip for our walk as soon as possible.  We will be taking our walk on Friday, May 13th.  You can click on the link to donate: