Bishop Barres Speaks to School Children

Bishop Barres Speaks to the Students
Posted on 04/02/2017
This is the image for the news article titled Bishop Barres Speaks to the StudentsOn Friday the students of St. Christopher School along with all the Catholic School students of the diocese had the privilege of watching Bishop Barres' video of speaking with children about who he is,his role as Bishop and answering their questions. He spoke of his motto "Holiness and Mission". He spoke of his life and his journey to the priesthood.  He showed the children a prayer card, on one side was a picture of him as the fifth bishop of Rockville Centre and on the flip side was a picture of him as a point guard as Princeton University.  As the picture showed him going for a lay-up he encouraged students to reach high and "go for it" also. He spoke of how the skills needed to be a good point guard helped to prepare him for his role as Bishop.  Each of the students was given the prayer card.  He challenged them to think of where they are now in their faith journey and what role they may play in the future.  He asked them to pray for him him as he will pray for them.