Mrs. O'Heir- Kindergarten (K-1)

We will be celebrating our 100th Day on Monday, 2/11/2019.  The children have been counting up to 100 by 10s over the months and getting very excited as we got closer to the big day. We will also be celebrating St. Valentine’s Day on Thursday. The 8th Grade Carnival is scheduled for Friday so this is a very festive week!

Last Week: In Religion we talked about the fact that we are all God’s children. We may look and speak differently but children all over the world are more alike than they are different. Jesus has called each of us “a child of God”.  In Math we completed Chapter 7: Represent, Count and Write Numbers 11-19.  In ELA we worked in Letter-book: “Hot Rod”.  Our Theme: Chinese New Year- the Year of the Pig. The children enjoyed many stories, learning about the Chinese Zodiac, making Chinese lanterns and dragons and nibbling on noodles with duck sauce. When the sun came out on Friday we went into the parking lot and had a dragon parade.  We celebrated Shaun’s 6th birthday. Our Secret Reader was Mrs. Noel.

THIS WEEK:                                                                                                       Religion: Chapter 14: “Jesus Gathers Friends.” The children will appreciate the Jesus is a friend who welcomes new friends. We will hear the story of how Jesus called Andrew and his brother Peter to be His first Disciples. As friends we gather together at Mass on Sunday to give thanks to God. We will attend School mass on Monday. We will learn about St. Valentine.        
Math: We will have fun with math dittos with February themes.  
ELA: We will work in Letter-book “Us.”
Centers Theme: Black History Month  

1. Monday: School Mass @ 9:00.    2. Monday: 100th Day of School! 
      3 Thursday: St. Valentine’s Day – no snack needed.  4. Friday: 8th Grade Carnival- I think that $3 is quite enough to spend. We are only there for 25 minutes.  5. Next week: Winter Break!  Have a restful and fun vacation.                                                                                                                                                                           


1. Monday: ART with Mrs. Fennessey
2. Tuesday: GYM with Mrs. Beihoff
3. Wednesday : COMPUTER with Mrs. Piazza  and GYM
4. â€‹Thursday: LIBRARY with Mrs. Hissong
5.  Friday: MUSIC with Mrs. Williams