Grade 1-1 with Mrs. Shea
Mrs. Shea has been teaching for eleven years at St. Christopher's School. She has taught first, second, and fifth grade. Mrs. Shea is a graduate of Kellenberg Memorial High School and St. Joseph’s College. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Child Study with a concentration in English, and her Master's degree in Literacy and Cognition. Mrs. Shea holds five New York State teaching certifications in areas of General and Special Education, as well as Literacy. In addition, Mrs. Shea has earned her Basic Theology Certificate from the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Welcome to First Grade!
Week of September 24, 2018

We read some Back to School "favorites" this month.

We used The Kissing Hand to compare the feelings we had on the first day of school with Chester Raccoon's.


We also used If You Take a Mouse to School to complete a cause and effect writing activity and craft.


We read and discussed Ten Apples Up on Top. We reviewed number recognition through an apple counting activity and then assembled our own apples in correct numerical order on top of self portraits.





After reading The Giving Tree, we wrote and illustrated ways that we could help others.


Phonics - Unit 1: Consonants
We will be completing our first unit this week.
We will continue to identify initial/final sounds this week as well as medial consonants.

Reading / Writing - "Short A"
*Words to Know: am, at, sat, man, dad, mat
*High Frequency Words: be, you, and, with, play, help
We will be reading the story What is a Pal? and discussing what makes a good friend.
We will use labels to add details such as who/what/where.
We will continue to work with our first "Grammar Buddy" - Nick Noun who will help us identify people, places, and things.

Chapter 1: Addition Concepts
*Review Vocabulary: same, more, fewer 
We will continue to work with our new friend "Gus the Plus" who will help us identify words associated with adding.
We will model and record ways to put together numbers within 10.
We will illustrate Math stories on addition mats that will show various number sentences.
We will complete a "Gus the Plus" craft with important vocabulary from Chapter 1.

Chapter 3: God's Word Teaches Us
We will identify different ways children learn.
We will discuss how the readings at Mass come from the Bible - the written word of God.
We will discuss how listening to the word of God can help us follow Jesus.

Unit 1: Rules and Laws
School Rules
We will read and discuss why we follow rules.
VOCABULARY: teacher, responsibility, principal, fair
Community Rules
We will read and discuss how laws help communities.
VOCABULARY: community, citizen, law

Monday, 9/24/18

Tuesday, 9/25/18

Wednesday, 9/26/18

Thursday, 9/27/18
"Kidz Stuff" Fundraiser ends

Friday, 9/28/18
Reading Test on the storyWhat is a Pal?

*Scholastic Book Order for September due on or before 9/28*

*September Reading Log due on or before 9/28*


Notes must be sent in if there is a change in the way your child usually goes home.

Homework: Homework assignments are given Monday-Thursday. Please initial your child's homework each day.

Reading Log: Our goal this year is to read 100 books! The title and author of each book read together at home gets recorded. With each 10 books your child finishes, there is an activity for him or her to do at the bottom of the page based on one of the books. Children will earn a special reading related prize after they hand in each reading log.

Outlined in school calendar. Sweaters and Gym sweatshirts must have names in them.

Each child will get a birthday crown for the day and to pick a prize from our prize box. We will also complete a special birthday book during class that will get sent home with the birthday boy or birthday girl. No treats are sent to school.

Absent Notes:
If your child misses school, please send in an absent note with the date of your child’s absence and the reason. The nurse must be called as well.

Our class follows a traffic light system. If your child ends the day on a green light, he or she made good choices. Yellow and red lights mean that poor behavior took place and notes will go home that need to be signed and returned.


Rewards: Our class is arranged in groups. “Terrific tickets” are awarded to tables that are doing the right thing throughout the day. The group with the most tickets at the end of the week wins a prize.


Lunch Money: Please send your child in with his or her lunch money in an envelope or plastic bag labeled with his or her order for the day. Exact change is appreciated! Lunch cards are also available for purchase ($20.00).

Snack: We have snack in our classroom each afternoon. Please send your child's snack in a disposable bag.

- Student work demonstrates a thorough and consistent understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work independently and integrates learned concepts and skills.

- Student work demonstrates an understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work satisfactorily and applies expected skills to work.

2 - Student work demonstrates partial understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student exhibits inconsistent understanding and application of concepts and skills.

1 - Student work demonstrates minimal understanding of grade level standards and objectives; evidences very limited organizational, reasoning and critical thinking skills; completing independent tasks only with assistance, struggles with grade level standards and objectives producing less than expected work. 


Monday:  Art 10:52-11:32
Tuesday: ​Gym 12:17-12:57
Wednesday: ​Music 1:43-2:23
Thursday: Computer 12:17-12:57 and Library 1:43-2:23
Friday: Gym 1:01-1:41

LUNCH/RECESS 11:34-12:14


First Grade Computer Games

Batter's Up Baseball Math Game (Addition)
Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real baseball! 

BrainPOP Jr.
Provides educational movies for K-3

Consonant Blends Game
Match the picture to the correct consonant blend.

First Grade Activities
Provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games.

Fun Brain
Includes a variety of games and activities.

Game Classroom
Educational games and homework help.             

Math Games

Go Math
Math Series

Harcourt Social Studies
Interactive website with online adventures on our units of study

IXL Math
First Grade Math Skills Practice 

Reading Comprehension Passages
printable passages and questions

Reading Skills: Basics
Many online activities for beginning readers.

Sadlier Phonics
short and long vowel practice and high frequency word review

See 'N Spell
This website allows you to choose the specific phonics area that you want to focus on. There are games for blends, long & short vowels, digraphs and more.

Sentence Clubhouse
Telling and asking sentence practice.

Spelling City
Includes a variety of spelling activities to practice our weekly words.

Phonics games and interactive online books.

Storyline Online
Streaming video program featuring children's books read aloud.

Syllables Factory
This game shows how to break apart words into chunks of sound. This game also helps with spelling.

This website has our reading and math series. Practice those Animated Math Models with Curious George and decodable readers! Username/password information was given out in the first trimester.