5-1 with Ms. Lombardo

Contact information:tlombardo@stchris-school.org

Happy New Year!

What we are currently learning:

Social Studies:​
​ â€‹We are currently reading and learning about the French and Indian War.

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 4 -Multiplying decimals
*Students should be practicing on IXL for 15 minutes each night*

ELA: We are continuing to read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" as a class. Students are working on their Novel Journals as we read. This includes practicing note taking skills, writing character analysis and chapter summaries.

We are also working on lesson 11, "Dangerous Crossings" in our Journeys textbook. 

We are learning about Matter-Unit 2

*Upcoming Tests* Math: Chapter 4 test on 1/8

HOMEWORK: Homework is given Monday-Friday and needs to be handed in daily. Students should be reading 20 minutes each night and completing there reading logs as well.


- Student work demonstrates a thorough and consistent understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work independently and integrates learned concepts and skills.
- Student work demonstrates an understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student completes work satisfactorily and applies expected skills to work.


- Student work demonstrates partial understanding of grade level standards and objectives. Student exhibits inconsistent understanding and application of concepts and skills.

1 - Student work demonstrates minimal understanding of grade level standards and objectives; evidences very limited organizational, reasoning and critical thinking skills; completing independent tasks only with assistance, struggles with grade level standards and objectives producing less than expected work.