4-2 with Mrs. Considine

Welcome to the fourth grade for the 2018-2019 school year!  I know we're in for a wonderful year!  I'm enthusiastically looking forward to working with you all.

About Mrs. Considine. . .

My name is Mrs. Anne Considine.  This year will be my third year teaching at St. Christopher School.  I'm delighted o be a member of the St. Christopher family.  I'm also thrilled to be teaching the fourth grade.  I've previously taught fourth grade and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Teaching is a second career for me.  After working in business for many years and then raising my three young children, I decided to return to school to become a teacher.  I attained a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and an M.S. in Education specializing in  Literacy Studies.  I graduated from both of these programs with distinction.  I'm permanently certified by New York State in both elementary education and reading.  This past summer I completed a three week course in religious training, and I've now earned my Basic Theology Certificate from the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

I'm a product of the Catholic school system here on Long Island, as are my husband and our three children.  I've taught full time in two other Catholic schools and served as a substitute teacher in three more.

My children are all grown now and out on their own.  My husband and I enjoy going into Manhattan to visit them.  We love the energy and the culture of the city!  I also enjoy gardening, the beach, snowy days, and reading.


Reading books:

Nothing is more important to your child's academic success than becoming a proficient reader.  I have a wonderful classroom library filled with many fun and interesting books that children love to read.  The children will have silent reading time for about fifteen minutes each day.  They may take these books home with them.  Please, please have them read for at least ten minutes at home each day.  Your encouragement will be beneficial to making your child a lifelong reader!   

Communicating with me:

You can reach me, Monday through Friday (through 3:00 p.m. on Friday), via email at aconsidine@stchris-school.org.  You'll hear back from me within twenty four hours (not including weekends).  If you have something pressing, the best way to communicate with me is by writing me a note.  I'm so busy with the children during the day that I often don't see my email until the end of the day.  Each morning I ask the children to check their folders for notes for me.  If you've written me, I'll definitely get your note. 

Changes in dismissal plans:  

If your child should have a change in his/her dismissal plan, I must have a note.  I can't release a child to anyone other than a designated guardian without a note signed by the parent.  State law requires a written signature.  This is for your child's safety.  If something should occur during the day regarding a change in dismissal, you are obliged to call the school no later than 2:30 p.m.  This is school policy.


Homework is copied into the planner on a daily basis.  This is the student's responsibility.

Please sign your child's planner and each page of homework every night.  There will be written homework Monday through Thursday.  Make sure that the homework that you sign corresponds with what is in the planner.  I appreciate your diligence regarding this matter.  It really makes a difference for your child.  There's a direct correlation between student success and parents' interest in his/her schoolwork.  

Assessment Packages:

Assessment packages go home every Friday.  Please sign the cover sheet and return the whole package on Monday.  I keep these papers on file for my reference and yours, if necessary.  Thank you!


Please make sure that your child empties his/her folder each and every day.  Important notices go home very frequently.

Specials schedule:

Monday Computer
Tuesday Art
Wednesday Gym
Thursday Library
Friday Music and Gym

Lunch and recess:

Recess 11:34-11:54
Lunch 11:54-12:14