Tuition Policy

Tuition Policy

The tuition for St. Christopher’s School is payable in 11 monthly installments with the first payment due July 1st,. The payments shall be paid utilizing our FACTS Tuition Management Program. The program allows you to pay with an invoice or an automatic deduction from your bank account or credit card. All families must enroll in the FACTS 

Tuition payment program. As an alternative, you may pay your tuition in full by July 1st and receive a 3% reduction in your tuition rate.

The school depends very heavily upon significant financial subsidies from the Parish and the Diocese. Accordingly, parents and guardians are required to support their Parish through the use of the Sunday envelope system. Pastors for the region approve those families entitled to our Rate 1 - Contributing Catholic tuition. The yearly obligation for St. Christopher’s Parish and our surrounding regional parishes is $600. This contributory amount must be met by December 31st of the calendar year. If this obligation is not met, the Pastor reserves the right to adjust your tuition rate to Rate 2- Non-Contributing Catholic status.

Christian attitude demands that the Parish be especially considerate of parents and guardians encountering special hardship, or requiring assistance in meeting their tuition obligations. In such situations, the parent or guardian is encouraged to confidentially discuss their situation with the Pastor or Principal.

On-time tuition payments are the responsibility of the parents or guardians of each student. All payments must be made promptly within the guidelines set forth by the school and the FACTSProgram. Any payments made after the 10 day grace period will be assessed a $30.00 late fee. Any bank fees that are assessed to the school or to the FACTS Program are to be paid by the parents or guardians. Postdated checks are not acceptable.

If tuition is not up-to-date two weeks prior to parent teachers conference, your child’s report card will be held until arrears’ tuition is paid in full. Once a family’s tuition is two payments behind, and there has been no discussion of this matter, the children will not be permitted to attend school. All arrears’ tuition must be paid in full before the children may return to classes. Failure to comply within 48 hours may result in the withdrawal of the children from St. Christopher’s School.

If monthly payments are repeatedly made after the grace period of the current school year, the school reserves the right to require the parents or guardians to pay the annual tuition in full by July 1st of the following school year. If this financial obligation is not met, the children will be withdrawn from the school.

Your annual Commitment to Service responsibility must be met by June 1st of the current school year. Additionally, all tuition for 8th graders must be satisfied by June 1st for graduation.