Halloween in Pre-Kindergarten
See Photo Gallery for additional pictures.

Third Grade Trip to Schmitt's Farm

Additional photos in Photo Gallery

Fantastic Family Fun Day at Adventureland

Thank you to the Home and School Association and all the great volunteers who helped to make this day possible.  Over 200 people participated in this fun day!!!

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Our students in Pre-K to Grade 3 invited a "senior" friend to school.  The student and their friend worked on projects together as the students had the opportunity to share their school.  Everyone had a great time.

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2011 Graduates, Carina Schmitt, Andrew McPherson and Thomas Lane, have become Eucharistic Ministers at Kellenberg Memorial High School.

Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of eggs, lots of candy, lots of fun...

Thank you, Mrs. Randazzo, Mrs. Pomerico and Mr. Rodriguez!!

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Congratulations to our students who received Confirmation on Oct. 27th.  May they continue to grow in their faith having received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you to Bishop Brennan who conferred the sacrament and his inspiring words to the students.

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Our Grade 7/8 Spring Dance was a huge success.  The Cinco de Mayo theme and wonderful Mexican food put everyone into a very festive mood.  thank you to Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Cavanagh, Mrs. Condoleo and Mrs. Schuler for organizing it and for all the other moms who came to help.

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Quickly press that button and give the correct answer.  Game Show is annual tradition that out students look forward to each year. Physical challenges along with answering trivia, historical facts, science questions make this fast paced event a favorite.

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Congratulations to Wilmarr Saint Surin!

Wilmarr has been declared a National Winner, Elementary Class, in the National Piano Auditions.
"Piano-playing is an ideal, all weather, lifetime hobby or a profitable profession."

On October 28th our 8th Grade students received the sacrament of Confirmation. The students were confirmed by Bishop Murphy.  The Bishop met with the students prior to the celebration of Mass and was very impressed by how well the students were prepared for this day.  The students shared with the Bishop the preparation which they had participated in, most notably the retreat, service projects and classroom instruction.  The Bishop spoke eloquently to the students about their faith and the need for respect throughout their lives--respect for God, respect for others and respect for themselves.  Congratulations to all our confirmandi.

Additional photos in the Photo Gallery

On October 24th, Mrs. Whalen's 3rd grade went to Schmitt's Farm in Melville. They learned about the growth cycle of the pumpkin, the importance of rich soil and root systems, and got to pick their own radishes and string beans. Best of all, each student picked a pumpkin to bring back to decorate in the classroom. A fun learning experience for all!

A day at Adventureland may sound like a day of fun and games.  Our 7th grade students on Tech Day learned the work sometimes comes before pleasure.  Before spending time on the rides they learned how the rides operated and had to complete worksheets that showed they understood the physics of amusement parks.  The day ended with the thrill of enjoying the rides.

Additional photos in the Photo Gallery

Help Protect Religious Liberty

Dear Friend,

The Diocese of Rockville Centre joins with Long Island Citizens for Religious Liberty, a non-partisan group of concerned citizens dedicated to the protection and promotion of the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religious belief, to work against the federal government's rule, issued by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, requiring religious organizations to buy, or subsidize, products and services that violate their religious beliefs and moral consciences ("the HHS mandate.")

We are asking citizens across Long Island to petition our representatives in Congress to vote to rescind the HHS mandate and to repeal the provision of the law that allows the federal bureaucracy to issue future mandates of this kind. We seek only to protect the ability of religious persons and organizations to live out their faith according to their own sincerely held beliefs, free from government interference and coercion. We hope that all Long Islanders who cherish the natural and constitutional right of religious freedom will work to secure this most ancient pillar of American civic life.

Add your voice today by clicking here to send a message to your representatives in Washington, DC. The HHS mandate's callous disregard for the bedrock religious liberties sacred to all Americans cannot be permitted to stand.

Thank you for your help in this critical battle.

Most Reverend William F. Murphy Robert C. Minion
Bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Centre Long Island Citizens for Religious Liberty

Congratulations to Adrina Rodriguez, a 2010 graduate of St. Christopher School, for being awarded Third Place in the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest "Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?".  She received her award from the Hicksville VFW Post 3211.  Adrina is a student at Holy Trinity High School.

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St. Christopher School has much to offer your child.  Read some of the reasons the students of the school like their school:

"At St. Christopher's it is a warm environment.  When I first came to this school I was very shy but then I noticed how nice everyone was and I made a lot of new and loyal friends." GT - Grade 7

" Now, in my 8th grade year, I look back and realize all the time and effort the teachers put into help me...We have gotten this far and have been prepared for high school."  JS -- Grade 8

"I like St. Christopher's because everyone here is like my family.  We learn new things everyday.  The people here are nice and kind.  At recess we play games together and it teaches us that we must be fair like God is to us."  JR - Grade 6

" At St. Christopher's the teachers are very friendly.  They care for each child they teach...St. Christopher School is really serious when it comes to Religion.  Therefore, we pray and learn about God everyday."  AV Grade 4

" A good education is what I love about this school." PM - Grade 7

" St. Chris is an amazing school with many attributes.  It has great academics and clubs.  The best part is that St. St. Christopher School has nurtured and developed my Catholic faith." KB Grade 7

" St. Christopher School is a school that gives students the chance to excel in their education and faith...St. Christopher School is full of wonderful people that care for and love one another and I know that God is very proud of them." BS Grade 7

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Before School Program
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2nd Annual St. Chris Day at Adventureland- Click here for more information
 Governor Cuomo and the lawmakers are working to finalize the state budget by the end of March. While they are considering our proposal to generate $150 million in scholarships to help families pay tuition, lobbyists from the public schools teachers' unions are urging lawmakers to fund only public schools. Tuition-paying families need and deserve their fair share. 
Without your help, this legislation may not be enacted!
Please take a moment to send a message to the Governor and your elected state legislators urging them to enact the Education Investment Tax Credit proposal this year.

Thanks so much for your help.

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The Department of Health has issued a guide for parents about seasonal flu.
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FAST Athletics will have a Fall program for Pre-K, Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5.
Please check the school calendar for dates and times

Catholic School Funding Increased.
Thank Your Elected Officials Today!

Thanks to you and the roughly 40,000 e-mails that were sent in from the Catholic Action Network, Catholic schools will see an increase in funding in the 2013-14 state budget. Lawmakers have printed the final bills that will make up the state’s $135 billion budget – expected to be approved before March 29. Included in the budget is a nearly $14 million increase in funding for mandated services reimbursement.

Moreover, lawmakers provide $4.5 million in a new funding stream to our schools for safety equipment – in response to the horrific school shootings that have occurred around the country.

Just as it was important to advocate for these funds, it is equally important that you thank the governor and your legislative representatives for the increased funding. Please take action right now by clicking the Take Action link below. Your message will automatically be sent to your correct legislators.

Tomorrow's Hope Foundation
The mission of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation is to ensure the excellence as well as the continuance of Catholic Schools on Long Island by increasing awareness and by providing scholarship and program funding for the needs of students and schools.
Any family who wishes to apply for financial assistance needs to fill out an application.  Applications are available on the web site,  in the main office or online at  tommorowshopefoundation.org .

The applications for the 2014-2015 school year are now available.  The application is attached.  The application is also available in Spanish.
2014-2015 Application English.pdf
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Sunday, November 23
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Monday, November 24
Board Games Club
Grades 3&4
Tuesday, November 25
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Girl Scout Troop 2193
6:30 pm
Wednesday, November 26
End of First Trimester

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